Not so long ago, a year ago to be exact, everything was perfect in Cleveland. After winning their first NBA title ever in 2016, the Cleveland Cavaliers were hoping to remain the best team in the Eastern Conference for many years to come as they were looking to win more championships. LeBron James came back home from Miami, and the fans in Cleveland were extremely excited.

But then the 2017 NBA Finals loss came as Cleveland lost to the Golden State Warriors, and it seems like from that point on everything is going downhill for the Cavaliers. LeBron James will be a free agent next summer, and it was rumored that he could leave Cleveland again and join the Los Angeles Lakers.

And on top of that, Kyrie Irving requested to be traded away from Cleveland just a couple of days ago.

The saga continues

Irving talked to the Cavaliers front office and told them that he would like to be traded to the Miami Heat, the Knicks, the Timberwolves, or the San Antonio Spurs. But even though Kyrie mentioned those four teams as his preferred landing spots in a potential trade, there are other teams that he could end up on. The Phoenix Suns have been mentioned a lot over the past few days as Kyrie Irving's new potential team.

The Suns have several good pieces that good be interesting for the Cavaliers as they look to make a deal for their All-Star point guard. It was reported that the Cavaliers would like to get Eric Bledsoe and Josh Jackson from Phoenix in exchange for Kyrie Irving, but it seems like the Suns are not ready to make that deal as they have high hopes for Josh Jakson.

Apparently Phoenix would be ready to send Brandon Knight, T.J. Warren, and Eric Bledsoe for Irving, but Cleveland doesn't want Knight due to his most recent ACL knee injury that will cause him to miss the entire next season. Terry Pluto of also reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers would love to include one other Phoenix Suns player in this potential trade deal.

Booker on his way to Cleveland?

Pluto reported that the Cavs would love to have Devin Booker, and they would be ready to send Kyrie Irving to the Suns in a trade deal that would send Booker to Cleveland. The Suns reportedly said that the 20-year-old shooting guard is "as close to untouchable as anyone on the roster."

And while this is unlikely to happen, it would be very interesting to see Booker in the Cleveland Cavaliers uniform.

The 6-foot-6 shooting guard has great potential, and he showed flashes of his great talent last season. After averaging 13.8 points during his rookie season, Booker averaged 22.1 points last season with the Suns. Playing alongside LeBron James would surely help his evolution as a basketball player, but for now Booker remains with the Suns.