Odell Beckham Jr. looked directly into the solar eclipse, and he played a game where he was injured not long after taking the field. He is perhaps the most gifted person in all of the NFL, but he is showing that he is prone to injury. Brandon Marshall was hurt in the same pre-season game. These early injuries make the Giants look terrible, and their offense will not have a way of producing points when they cannot throw passes. Taking a look at how Eli Manning runs the offense shows that Marshall and Beckham practically are the offense.

The offense fell apart

The giants do not have an offense when they do not have their receivers on the field, and they will start losing games due to a lack of scoring because they cannot pass. The advent of a short passing game as a substitution for the running game does not work when you are missing receivers. The Giants had no running game in their latest pre-season game, and that effectively renders their offense non-existent. Eli Manning cannot carry a team when he has no one to carry or catch the ball, and he is getting attacked on the left side where Eric Flowers is turning into a bust at left tackle.

The team had bigger plans

The Giants went 11-5 the season prior, and there was no reason to believe they would be any worse.

The team is good enough to make a run in playoffs considering they have won two Super Bowls as a wild card team. They only needed a little help getting into the playoffs, but they simply cannot score enough if their offense cannot keep anyone on the field. Beckham and Marshall need to come back, and they need to run more to give the receivers time to heal.

Flowers could kill this offense

David Carr no longer plays football in part because he was throttled in his first two seasons in Houston, and he could not recover from seeing defensive backs in his backfield all the time. Eli Manning is one of the most elusive people in football, but he cannot elude people constantly and make the offense run.

It is too hard for him to run the offense at his age when he is running around all the time, and someone who wants to see the Giants succeed must start praying that Flowers will improve at left tackle. The blind side for Eli Manning could get him hurt.

The Giants are in a good position to perform well this season if they remain healthy. This pre-season game, then, does not bode well for this offensive unit.

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