Justin Verlander has been linked to multiple teams this season in trade rumors, but the Detroit Tigers have yet to find a trade partner. There are about 56 million reasons why Verlander has not been traded, and they all have to due with his contract. The amount of money Verlander is owed this season is a turnoff for most teams, including the Houston Astros.

The Astros are in desperate need of pitching. Lance McCullers Jr. is not close to returning from the disabled list. Even when McCullers Jr. was pitching, he was nowhere near effective since the All Star break.

Dallas Keuchel has made some gains, but he has not looked like the ace at the beginning of the year. It might be time for the Astros to pull the trigger and acquire the former Cy Young award winner.

Contract in the way

The Astros do not want to be on tap to pay the remaining 56 million. That seems to be the reason that Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports reported that a deal is a "Long Shot." The Astros and Tigers have continued discussions to try and work out a deal, but nothing is imminent.

The Tigers have said they would be willing to throw in some cash with Verlander, but no report has specified how much cash the Tigers would chip in. Verlander's value has also raised as he has lowered his Earned Run Average by nearly a whole run since the beginning of July.

The Astros would love to make a move for Verlander, but his contract is a major obstacle.

Keuchel is set to become a free agent after the 2018 season. Verlander will have one year remaining on his deal, and the Astros would much rather pay a 29-year-old big money than a 37-year-old.

World Series run might be worth it

The Astros have not won a division title since 2001.

This season will be the first division title since that time and their first American League West title. The Astros have never won a World Series. Is risking your short term future for Verlander worth a World Series? To some clubs that do not see this opportunity very much, they would say yes.

Verlander has been a consistent postseason pitcher, despite not pitching in the playoffs since 2014.

However, in 2013, Verlander threw 15 scoreless innings in the American League Division Series. Verlander owns a career 3.39 earned run average in 98.1 postseason innings pitched.

These Astros made the postseason in 2015 and climbed their way to the ALCS. They stocked their team with talented veterans that have the experience. The pitching staff does not have a veteran that has been to the World Series. Verlander could be that guy.