According to Jon Morosi of MLB Network, the Detroit Tigers are willing to throw in "some cash" to help move starter Justin Verlander. The 34-year-old pitcher is in the back half of his contract that features at least $56 million for the next two years. Verlander is still owed about $11 million for this season. It is unclear how much cash the Tigers are willing to give, but it means that Verlander's possible destinations could re-open some doors.

Cubs could still be interested

Two weeks ago, the Cubs were linked to making a phone call to Detroit for Verlander and catcher Alex Avila.

Recently, the Cubs made a trade for Jose Quintana that featured Eloy Jimenez, Dylan Cease, and two other prospects. The Cubs apparently still want to make a trade for another starting pitcher despite trading their two best prospects for Quintana.

The deal came out of nowhere, which means that we can't count out the Cubs for Verlander. If the Tigers are willing to help pay for some of his deal, then the Cubs could try and make a push for Verlander. His value is somewhat low right now given that his earned run average is over five. However, Verlander finished second in Cy Young voting last season.

The Cubs don't want to be locked to a player that is almost 35 and owed a lot of money. The Tigers would have to throw in a fair amount of money.

Otherwise, the Cubs will continue to pursue Sonny Gray, or make a run at a pitcher during the offseason. The Cubs have Kyle Hendricks coming back this week to make the team's top four of Jon Lester, Jake Arrieta, Quintana, and Hendricks a scary rotation. However, the team wants to move on from Jon Lackey, and Verlander or Gray would make the Cubs' rotation dangerous again.

Yankees in need of pitching

There's no doubt that the Yankees can afford just about anyone. However, the Yankees are also a team that does not want to be tied to an older player that is owed $56 million over the next two seasons, especially since the team has CC Sabathia's contract coming off the books.

Playing devil's advocate, the Yankees would be able to afford Verlander for the next two years.

If the Tigers are willing to help pay for Verlander, the Yankees have the prospects to make a move. The Yankees are fighting for a playoff spot this year and are in need of a starter. Michael Pineda is lost for the season with a torn UCL, and Masahiro Tanaka has been very inconsistent all year. If the Yankees are going to make a run at the Red Sox -- who are also likely to be buyers -- the team needs another durable starter.