The Houston Astros were the most disappointing team at the MLB trade deadline. Despite running away with the division, the team did not make any significant moves. Their only transaction was with the Toronto Blue Jays by acquiring starter Francisco Liriano. With the starting rotation having doubts with their recent performances, the question remains. Will the Astros make a move?

Reports say Justin Verlander could be on the move

Verlander to the Astros could happen if Houston is open to help paying his salary. The starting pitcher for the Detroit Tigers finished second in the Cy Young voting last season and is due $28 million in each of the next two seasons.

Verlander could slide in as the team's number two or three starter, forming a three headed monster of Dallas Keuchel, Lance McCullers Jr., and Verlander.

Players can be traded up to September 1st if they clear revocable waivers. Verlander cleared revocable waivers on August 3rd. According to Jon Morosi of MLB Network, the Astros and Tigers have been engaged in talks ever since the deadline passed. Verlander's stock was low in the middle of July when his Earned Run Average was around five, but in his recent outings, he has impressed. Verlander has a 1.92 earned run average in his last 35 innings pitched.

The Astros have the farm system to make a deal with Detroit. Plus, the Tigers once said they would throw in some money to help pay for Verlander's hefty contract.

However, it is unclear how much money the Tigers would throw in.

Rotation needs the help

McCullers Jr. was an All Star this season, but since the break, he has been terrible. McCullers Jr. has allowed 20 earned runs in his last four starters, which puts his ERA at an even 5.00. His earned run average for the season has jumped to 3.92.

Not to mention, American League hitters are knocking balls off him. He has allowed 32 hits in that span.

Keuchel has not been better. He has allowed 14 earned runs in three starts, including an eight run pounding to the Chicago White Sox two days ago. Keuchel has also dealt with injuries this year, which kept him out of baseball from June 2 to July 28.

If the Astros were to make a move, the hope is that it is done sooner than later. Keuchel has advocated for the team to go out and get another pitcher. Having Verlander on the team has a risk with his contract, but the Astros do not get too many opportunities to make a run at a World Series title. The Red Sox, Yankees, and Indians have made upgrades. It's time the Astros followed suit.