Andrew McCutchen returned to his roots on Sunday. Not his original roots, but the roots of his love for baseball. Everything is much more pure at the Little League level. There are parents sniping at each other, but the kids are still playing simply because they enjoy the game. This weekend marks the culmination of that love at the Little League World Series. The Pittsburgh Pirates are in town -- not by coincidence -- so it was the perfect time for the outfielder to take in the memories.

At the Little League World Series

Video emerged on Sunday morning of McCutchen in the stands at the World Series venue.

He took in the sights with some kids around him, taking selfies and hanging out. Some players also rode the team bus with the Pirates on Sunday, giving more chances for interactions between baseball players. The outfielder was enjoying his time with Starling Marte and Gregory Polanco as they hung out on the field at Williamsport.

McCutchen, of course, is no stranger to these proceedings. Things used to be a little different back in the day, but he competed at Williamsport to start his professional career.

It wasn't the Little League World Series, but it still meant a lot to the outfielder, as it put him on the path to where he is today. He played the sport as a kid, so perhaps he sees himself in the kids who gathered in the mecca of youth sports for this year's tournament.

McCutchen and the Pirates play the game

Major League Baseball had a brilliant idea this season.

The league has always lent some degree of support to the youth event each year. This year, they decided they would play a game in Williamsport while the Little League World Series was taking place. It's an opportunity for young players from across the world to meet their idols -- like McCutchen -- and take in a professional baseball game.

There was some concern that the game would obscure the achievements of the kids involved in the Little League World Series, but that has not felt like the case. If anything, it has felt like a reward for the kids who have accomplished so much, and the families who have supported them along the way. The Pirates are a (relatively) local team, making it a special time for the community as well. McCutchen and the Pirates will take on the St. Louis Cardinals on Sunday night. The game will start at 7:00 PM local time -- an additional perk -- as Sunday night games usually start an hour later than that.