The look of the WWE superstars has changed over the years. While most WWE main event stars used to look like superheroes, with large muscular physiques and chiseled bodies, new superstars smaller, more athletic competitors. One of the new breed of WWE superstars is the Irish-born Finn Balor. Finn stands 5-11 and weighs 190 pounds but can realistically stand toe-to-toe with anyone in the WWE.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Finn Balor talked about the idea of Conor McGregor coming to the WWE. According to Balor, McGregor would be a huge star.

Conor McGregor's WWE intangibles

Conor McGregor looks even less like a WWE superstar than the 5-11 Finn Balor. Conor is two-inches shorter, at 5-9, and only weighs 154 pounds. He is tiny compared to even the smaller WWE wrestlers. However, Finn said that there is still something about McGregor that would help him succeed in the WWE.

Balor said that Conor McGregor is a "perfect fit" in the WWE.He said that he is a "natural showman" and is an "incredible athlete." Finn said he was among the best athletes on the entire planet and could thrive if he made his way to the WWE. On that note, Conor is 21-3 in his MMA career and has proven that he can beat anyone put in front of him - at his weight level.

That is where the problem lies. Conor McGregor would be facing wrestlers in the WWE who stand five to six inches taller than him and outweigh him anywhere from 50 pounds to 200 pounds. That is why, when fantasy booking, Finn Balor thought that McGregor could come out and focus on someone like Enzo Amore.

As shown at this past weekend's Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view, Enzo Amore showed that he had a lot of heart when facing the seven-foot tall Big Cass.

Enzo, who stands 5-11 and weighs 200 pounds, would be a more realistic matchup for someone like McGregor.

Conor McGregor has a storyline already

Of course, Conor McGregor has a storyline built in. It was just a year ago that he insulted everyone in the WWE locker room, calling them all out as being pu**ies. He did say that Triple H and The Rock were exceptions, but his words angered a lot of WWE superstars, although there were others who knew that he was just trying to get attention heading into a fight.

The WWE could bring in Conor McGregor and have superstars trying to prove him wrong, only for him to prove to be a legitimate fighter and win over their respect. It all comes down to money, but as McGregor's upcoming opponent Floyd Mayweather learned a few years back, it can be worth millions to partner with the WWE.