In the latest WWE rumors, one of the Top stars in WWE's women's division may have hinted at her leaving in a few years from now. If it's true, it would be a major loss for the roster as she's among the more talented superstars right now, with plenty of charisma and overall popularity. However, it could also be a completely different teased announcement. Here's the latest on which WWE women's superstar dropped a hint or tease at something happening in two years from now, and what it could mean.

The message

Recently, none other than "The Boss" Sasha Banks posted a message online to tease her fans.

However, she didn't post the message to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, like many WWE stars tend to do. Instead, Banks dropped a hint on her Tumblr that has fans wondering what exactly she meant by it.

The message from Sasha Banks simply said, "Two more years left! New beginnings coming," according to Sportskeeda. The message is quite vague and leaves it open to a lot of interpretation. There have been no reported backstage issues involving Sasha Banks with WWE officials.

In fact, Sasha has been one of the top women's stars over the past year or so and fought in plenty of high profile feuds and matches. Even right now, she's involved in the feud with Alexa Bliss over the WWE "Raw" Women's Championship.

Many meanings

A message like that could mean many things. It's possible that Sasha is talking about starting up her own business on the side with her husband and it launches in two years. It's also possible that she has something in the works with WWE that will unfold two years from now. Several other WWE stars have appeared in various movies made by WWE studios, and it's possible one is in the works involving Sasha Banks.

Could they be planning a women's match to headline "Mania" two years from now?

There's also that outside possibility that Sasha Banks is actually talking about leaving WWE in two years. She has mentioned in a few interviews that she doesn't plan to work in wrestling forever. She was married over the past year and could very well be interested in taking time off to start a family while she can.

Brie Bella recently did just that and probably serves as a good example for other women's stars with regard to taking time for that.

Sasha Banks' fans can only hope that she would return if she steps away for an extended time. She's certainly one of the true assets to the women's division at this point, although WWE seems to be bringing in plenty of great new talent via NXT and the Mae Young Classic.

WWE fans, what do you think Sasha Banks' simple Tumblr message was referring to?