For the last month, someone has been sending text messages to both Kurt Angle and WWE "Monday Night Raw" color commentator Corey Graves. These messages are something that could "ruin" Angle's career and family, according to the Olympic gold medal winner. At the end of "Raw" this week, Angle was speaking to someone on the phone and said they need to come next week and they can reveal this to the world together before saying, "I love you."

Here are three of the theories floating around about what the WWE has planned for Kurt Angle.

Stephanie McMahon

The biggest idea is that this will have something to do with Stephanie McMahon but there are different WWE rumors floating around about how. The most obvious is that Kurt Angle is having an affair with Stephanie. When Angle was a full-time star in the WWE before, he was involved in a love triangle with Stephanie and Triple H. This could revive that angle and make sense when leading to the eventual Angle vs. Triple H match that is rumored to be coming.

A second idea is that Kurt Angle could be involved in something illicit and it is Stephanie McMahon who is spreading the rumors to help her retake control of "Monday Night Raw." A less likely idea, considering the PG rating of the WWE is that Angle is the illegitimate father of one of Triple H and Stephanie's kids.

That was brought up by this tweet by James McKenna of The Wrestling Sheet:

Chad Gable

A second idea floating around is that Chad Gable is Kurt Angle's illegitimate son and he just found out.

Gable has often been compared to Angle and both are former Olympians. With American Alpha seeming dead in the water, having Gable as Angle's son would give him a WWE storyline push. It would also explain the "I love you" without having Angle in a cheating relationship with someone else.

Dixie Carter

The next idea is one that would probably confuse a lot of WWE fans who watch nothing but "Raw" and "SmackDown Live." While Kurt Angle was away from the WWE, he turned in some of the best matches of his career in TNA Impact Wrestling.

That company was owned by Dixie Carter. On the Angle special on Monday night on the WWE Network, Dixie Carter was interviewed.

That was shocking because the WWE never acknowledges Impact Wrestling, often referring to former champions like Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode as being successful in the indies. However, bringing in Dixie Carter was a strange move. If the WWE plans to make her a character in the company - especially after Impact Wrestling kicked her out of the company as they did when she sold it - that could be a perfect role for her to play.