Kurt Angle was the headlining inductee in the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony and turned in one of the more entertaining and memorable speeches of all time. He started out thanking everyone who helped him in his career and then sent out a message to younger wrestlers to take chances and not take themselves so seriously if they wanted people to remember them in the future. The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony then got very entertaining and Kurt Angle pulled off a lot of stunts that fans will remember for years. However, Angle told WrestleZone Radio that there was one stunt he was not allowed to pull off at the Hall of Fame.

Kurt Angle and the WWE Hall of Fame

Kurt Angle not only told the young WWE superstars not to take themselves so seriously but then he showed what he meant. In moments that some wrestlers might consider humiliating, Angle took the gags and made them some of the most memorable moments in WWE history. Fans might remember the silly sketches where Kurt Angle put on a tiny cowboy hat and tried to sing songs with Stone Cold Steve Austin. He brought out the tiny hat at the ceremony and sang one of the songs once again. Fans might remember the milk toast that Angle did to mock Steve Austin and he pulled out the milk and did it again to finish his 2017 WWE Hall of Fame speech. Angle proved that even embarrassing moments are beloved by fans.

The Kurt Angle milk truck

One of the most infamous angles in WWE "Monday Night Raw" history saw Kurt Angle drive a milk truck into the arena. He then pulled out a hose on the side of the milk truck and blasted everyone in the ring with milk, including Stone Cold Steve Austin. This was a spoof on a previous angle where Stone Cold Steve Austin drove a beer truck in and blasted Vince McMahon with beer from a hose.

In the interview, Angle said that he asked if he could drive the milk truck into the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and was denied the request. He said the WWE thought it was a little too much. Even with what he did, Angle said that his message was for younger wrestlers to take chances to reach success.

Kurt Angle on 'Monday Night Raw'

Kurt Angle did a great job at the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The fans bought into everything he did and Angle proved he still had what it takes to entertain the fans. The response caused the WWE to offer Angle the general manager position on "Monday Night Raw" and Kurt is a WWE superstar once again. There is still a chance he could return to wrestle in the future and it is obvious that Angle is up for anything the WWE throws at him.