Kurt Angle recently made his big return to the WWE. He first was the lead inductee in the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame class. Then, three nights later, Vince McMahon introduced Angle as the new general manager of "Monday Night Raw." It was a long time coming and Kurt said in a recent interview that he had some regrets about the way that he left the WWE in 2006.

Kurt Angle and his 2006 WWE departure

Kurt Angle admitted that when he left the WWE in 2006, it was a regretful experience because he said that he was finally coming into his own when he left. Kurt admitted that he had some great matches in his time there from 2001 through 2006 but he feels that he was becoming a "seasoned veteran" at the time that he ended up leaving the WWE.

As a result, Angle said that he had the better career and the best matches of his career in TNA Impact Wrestling instead of the WWE and most fans won't be able to go back and see those matches.

The reason Kurt Angle left the WWE

For fans who are unaware, the reason that Kurt Angle left the WWE was because he was suffering from some injuries and needed time off. Vince McMahon wanted Kurt to clean up his outside life, which included beginning an addiction to painkillers and alcohol. Kurt wanted a part time schedule but the WWE was not willing to do that at the time either. As a result, Angle asked for his release and the company agreed to it. However, Kurt has said that Vince McMahon believed that Angle would return when he was ready but Kurt signed with TNA Impact Wrestling instead, something that he said really bothered McMahon.

After over 10 years, Angle is now back in the WWE.

Kurt Angle dream matches

Kurt Angle was also asked about dream matches that he wishes he could have pulled off. The first one on his list was a match with Daniel Bryan, and that will never happen. Angle seems to want to end his career in the WWE and Bryan will never wrestle in the WWE again due to concussion concerns.

Bryan has said he wants to wrestle again but it won't be in the WWE so there is no chance that he wrestles Angle in the future. One name that could happen is AJ Styles, but the fact is that they have wrestled before in TNA Impact Wrestling but Kurt said he would love for it to be on a WWE stage.

Kurt Angle on the "You Suck" chant

Finally, Kurt Angle talked about the "You Suck" chant by the WWE fans. Angle said that it used to bother him but the more he asked fans to stop, the more they chanted it. The fans continued when Kurt turned face and he said that Vince McMahon even tried to stop it to no avail. Now, Angle said it is a sign of respect and he enjoys it.