On Sunday, WWE "Battleground" 2017 pay-per-view won't feature a Women's Championship match. While Naomi may have the night off, she'll need to pay close attention, though. Naomi will get to see which woman becomes her next possible challenger in a Fiveway Elimination match. In addition, "Ms. Money in the Bank" Carmella put the champ on notice that she will be there with that briefcase and title shot contract. Here's a preview of the upcoming WWE "SmackDown" Women's No. 1 contender match, as well as a prediction based on the match odds of who will win at WWE "Battleground."

Match Preview

For several pay-per-views now, "The Ravishing Russian" Lana has been vying for Naomi's WWE "SmackDown" Women's title.

She came up short in her attempts and Naomi is still the champion. Lana has another shot to get into a match for the title, but she'll be competing against some strong contenders.

They'll include former WWE "Raw" and Wwe Divas Champion Charlotte Flair, former "SmackDown" Women's Champion Becky Lynch, and former WWE Divas Champion Natalya. Tamina will also participate in the match, and much like Lana has yet to win a women's championship in WWE.

Naomi may be on hand to watch the match on Sunday, but it's unknown if she'll be watching from backstage or at ringside. Also, Carmella announced that wherever the champion goes, so does she. So that means Naomi may need to watch her back. One has to think Carmella wouldn't cash in without Naomi having already wrestled a match, but there's always room for surprises!

Predicted winner?

As of this report, none other than the "Queen" Charlotte Flair is predicted to win on Sunday. She's looking to pull off an impressive feat in WWE history. While Alexa Bliss may have been the first to capture the "Raw" and "SmackDown" women's titles, Charlotte could become the first to have held the "Raw," "SmackDown" and the now-defunct WWE Divas Championships during her career.

According to WWE Leaks in their recent report, the Paddy Power Irish sports book listed Charlotte at 8 to 15 odds as of Saturday. Lana was next at 11 to 4 odds, followed by Tamina (6 to 1), Becky (10 to 3) and Natalya (10 to 1).

A win by Charlotte sets up the match that never really happened as she'll get to take on Naomi for the title at WWE "SummerSlam" 2017 pay-per-view.

Still one has to wonder if WWE has some sort of surprise on the way involving Carmella's briefcase cash-in this weekend.

WWE fans, which "SmackDown" women's star will win the No. 1 contender's match on Sunday?