On Saturday morning, Venus Williams lost in the Wimbledon women's final to Garbine Muguruza. The match ended in just two sets as Muguruza took the first in comeback fashion at 7-5 and an impressive 6-0 in the second set. According to ESPN, "Venus was playing in her ninth Wimbledon single's final, having won five -- in 2000, 01', 05', 07', and 08'." For Muguruza, her win was her second Grand Slam title despite only being the 14th seed.

In 2015, Garbine lost to Venus's sister, Serena Williams, in her first ever Wimbledon finals appearance. Muguruza may have caught a break this time around with Serena having to miss this year's event due to her pregnancy.

Muguruza was able to wear down Venus in both sets in which ultimately appeared to be the determining factor in the win.

Emotional and difficult week for Venus

Venus has been battling a lot this past week off the tennis court by frequently being questioned by the media about a car accident she was involved in that cost a 78-year-old man his life. Jerome Barson died ten days after the crash and there was an ongoing investigation proceeding the events. Recently, a court in Florida ruled in the favor of Williams saying that video footage showed that she had the right of way when entering the intersection and Barson's wife, who was driving did not.

Williams, of course, asked about the incident during one of her press conferences at Wimbledon.

Venus broke down in tears when the topic was brought up by a reporter and ultimately had to leave the conference full of emotion. Despite the obvious pain she was experiencing, she became the oldest player to compete in a Wimbledon final since 1994.

Although she was not able to win the tournament, Williams remained in good spirits at the end of the match.

Muguruza wins 2nd Grand Slam title

Garbine Muguruza's win denied the 37-year-old Williams her sixth Wimbledon title. The 23-year-old from Spain showed that youth sometimes can overpower experience as she seemingly had more energy than Venus did particularly during the second set.

She won on the final shot by Williams that was initially ruled in by an official.

After Muguruza challenged the point, it was discovered that Venus's final shot did indeed go over the line about an inch. As a result, Garbine was crowned with her first Wimbledon title of her career.

In her post game press conference, she showed nothing but respect for her opponent.

"For me it was a challenge to have her, growing up watching her play. I was so excited to go there and then win especially over somebody like a role model."