Rajon Rondo finally has a home with the new orleans Pelicans, reuniting with temperamental big man DeMarcus Cousins. The all-star guard has reportedly agreed to a one-year deal in what most may find an uncanny reunion.

Rondo has been struggling to settle down with any NBA team with his antics. Since leaving the Boston Celtics, Rondo has had run-ins with Rick Carlisle of the Dallas Mavericks and Chicago Bulls assistant coach Jim Boylen. Will he get smoothly along with Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry?

Rondo is talented when focused

Rondo has seen his stock dip mostly due to internal altercations.

But when focused, he is one of the best playmakers the NBA has to offer.

From the looks of it, Gentry and company are hoping that Rondo has his head screwed on correctly to help facilitate the plays for the big men of the Pelicans. This would include Cousins who he played with in Sacramento and resident star Anthony Davis.

Assuming that no drama comes in between, the Pelicans could be one of the sleepers for the coming NBA season. In charge of making sure that Rondo (and Cousins) behave will be Gentry, someone who has been trying to find the right formula for the Pelicans.

Nightmare in New Orleans?

Right now, the reputations of Cousins and Rondo precede them. Both come with controversial pasts which will hopefully not be ignited this time around.

Rondo is expected to play behind Jrue Holiday who signed a five-year deal worth $126 million. Though he can be a starter, the all-star guard can work his way up to the starting roster or even play alongside Holiday if Gentry deems it necessary.

Similar to the time he was taken in by the Bulls, it will be another opportunity for Rondo to recall his old form.

Since leaving Boston, he has shown glimpses of his old self. But his temper and inability to get along have doused water on each occasion – something that will hopefully be different in New Orleans.

With a good passer and slasher coming in, the Pelicans get added firepower and movement in Rondo. He is likely to lead the second unit in the early goings, especially when Holiday and the rest of the starters get a breather.

The Rondo acquisition may be risky but makes sense for the Pelicans. With most top name free agents already signed, hope floats that Rondo can still contribute and help New Orleans’ cause. Critics will pay more attention to his attitude, for now, something the veteran guard can easily snuff if he is able to perform according to the plays mapped out by Gentry and company.