Soon after the June 9 crash, which led to the death of Jerome Barson and severely injured his wife, Linda, investigators began researching about the mishap. They got the surveillance camera from the gateway of a residential area close to the convergence for further clearance.

Surveillance video acquired by Palm Beach Gardens Police in Florida indicated that Ms. Williams' vehicle was on a green traffic signal, entering an intersection.

Police officials told that the video evidently shows Venus Williams driving legitimately during the car crash incident that prompted the passing of a 78-year-old.

This clearly proves that Williams didn’t violate the traffic laws.Ms. Williams' lawyer, Malcolm Cunningham had said earlier that the lethal crash on June 9 was an accident.

In a statement, Ms. Williams' legal advisor told CNN that "Ms. Williams entered the convergence on a green light. The police report evaluates that Ms. Williams was going at 5mph when Mrs. Barson collided with her."

Case Details

Mr. Barson had been going with his wife, who was driving at the time when they collided with the SUV Williams was driving. He was immediately admitted to the hospital after the crash and he died two weeks later, succumbing to his wounds. Mrs. Barson was taken to the hospital as well, and she managed to survive.

The family of Jerome Barson has wrongly filed a suit against Ms. Williams for the man's sad demise in the collision.

According to the initial traffic report, Williams, 37, was blamed as she was believed to be the reason for the accident by violating the right of way.No other factors like liquor, drugs or cell phone diversions were being investigated as per the underlying police report, acquired by US media.

Williams in tears

Previously, Ms. Williams, allegedly told the police that she didn't see the couple's vehicle and that she was not driving fast. On Monday, amid a news conference following her first-round of triumph at Wimbledon, Ms. Williams broke down in tears when she was asked about a June car collision that caused the death of a 78-year-old.

The rush of emotions came as Williams was questioned about the car accident she caused in Florida. As per the BBC report, she said that she had no words to depict how wrecking it was and that she was totally speechless.She began to cry, and immediately left the room for a while, before coming back to continue the match conference.