19-0, the perfect season. The pursuit of such a lofty goal has not gone well for the New England Patriots in the past. After going 18-0 in 2007 and shattering touchdown records with Randy Moss, the team lost the Super Bowl to the Giants.

Since then, the team has won two championships in extremely dramatic fashion, and they don't seem to be slowing down, after having an amazing offseason in terms of acquisitions. Usa Today predicted a Packers Patriots Super Bowl matchup, ultimately predicting the Patriots would complete the perfect season.

Why Patriots will be in Super Bowl

The Patriots eviscerated the AFC last year. Despite not having Tom Brady for the first four games, the team wound up only losing two games during the season. While it did take a miraculous comeback for them to secure the title, the team was without their offensive star (and possibly the best tight end ever) Rob Gronkowski.

The team is healthy and has become better with recent signings. With the acquisition of deep threat receiver Brandin Cooks and acquisition of star cornerback Stephon Gilmore, the team has become substantially more talented. Young players are growing accustomed to the league, the seemingly unbeatable Patriots will only be better in a diminished AFC.

Whether the team can go 16-0 as USA Today predicts, remains to be seen. The Patriots players have tried to quiet chatter on the subject by preaching a 'one game at a time' mantra, but the fans and analysts are considering the possibility.

Why Packers might be in Super Bowl

The NFC has considerably harder playoff talent than the AFC over the past few seasons.

The Cowboys, a young team with over-boosted egos seems set for a undisciplined fall, especially as their stars have started having off the field problems. The Seahawks have not been right since Malcolm Butler intercepted their Super Bowl 49 chances, the tension between coaches and players have slowly eroded the team. It is hard to imagine the Falcons being able to galvanize themselves after losing the Super Bowl in such a mismanaged fashion, especially after losing their offensive coordinator.

There is going to be opportunities for teams to emerge in the NFC.

But more than anything else, the Packers have Aaron Rodgers, perhaps the most dynamic awe-inspiring player in the league. The Packer shave been

If the Patriots do meet the Packers in Super Bowl 52 with an undefeated record, Patriots fans should not and will not feel safe. The game would truly be a dynamic and historic game of epic proportions, a Brady-Rodgers showdown would set up perhaps the ultimate redemption or rejection of a perfect season.