The reigning Superbowl champs got even better, so is there any team in the league that can dethrone them? This team has just won its 5th Super Bowl, and the 2nd in three years. So its easy to see why the Patriots are always one of the favorites to win it all.

A lot of chatter has been thrown around regarding the 19-0 perfect season and whether or not they can have that perfect season. To be honest, who cares? A perfect season would be adding a Lombardi to the collection.

Take a closer look

When you take look at this past season, sure they were as dominant as ever, but when playoff time came around they were not without flaws.

Houston had an excellent game plan ready for us and executed it brilliantly defensively, and if it weren't for the lackluster play at the quarterback position, the Texans could have easily won that game.

Lets also not forget the fact that to win the Super Bowl, the greatest comeback in NFL history had to occur. The point is that even in an era of dominance, no team is Unbeatable.

Adding fuel to the fire

It's worth noting that the Patriots have improved since winning the Super Bowl in February with the addition of Brandon Cooks and Stephon Gilmore. So yes, it seems that the Patriots are yet again going to be the league's favorite to win yet another Super Bowl, but all this talk about being unbeatable needs to end.

Injuries are also something to consider, as they can happen in an instant and have been the Patriots' downfall in the past.

Playoffs are one game so not unlike basketball where the series is best of 7 and the best team is almost certain to win, the stakes are higher in football. All it takes is an off-day and a great opponent game plan and your favorite team could be on their way home to watch the rest of the playoffs.

Who is chasing?

So what teams have the best chance? I believe these are the teams with high-powered offenses. Shootouts are anybody's game and I think it is way more likely that the Patriots will lose in a shootout rather than a defensive battle. In the AFC these teams include the Steelers and the Raiders. In the NFC these teams include the Packers, Cowboys, and Atlanta (jokes aside).

Side note: Isn't it crazy what we are expecting from a 40 year old Tom Brady? We expect nothing but the best from someone at the age past retirement from most players, it's absolutely crazy.

Are they unbeatable? Of course not. Are they a brilliant football team? Oh yes, they are a force to be reckoned with but let's not set the bar to a level that's almost impossible to reach.