Marreese Speights is a free-agent for this year. His agent Andy Miller then gives him the list of possible teams he could be signed with and Orlando Magic is on it. The news gave Speights an excitement boost for in the past he dreamed of playing for the Magic.

His wife Kimberly Speights shared what she saw with his husband's reaction after the call made by Andy Miller. She describes the smile of Marreesse as a child-like smile.

Marreese Speights' excitement to go to Orlando

Kimberly recalled that his husband wants to get the Orlando deal because he always dreamed of playing there and is excited to play for Orlando.

On Thursday, Marreese Speights officially signed sigend to Orlando Magic and this means that he will be back to his hometown Florida with his family. Marreese is a native of St. Petesburg and his wife is from Clearwater where they are recently lives.

The family of Marreese is also happy to know the homecoming, his mother, Regina Glenn and his sister Willena Speights is most delighted. It will only be a 130-mile drive from their house to Speights' if they want to see him play in 41 games in Orlando.

Before when Marreese is playing opposition with Orlando, his family in Central Florida would have to pack the stands with an average of 55 family members, now that Marreese will be playing for Orlando, they couldn't be happier with it.

The transfer of Marreese made Willena Speights guarantee that together with Marreese's wife and mother, they will all be present to all the Magic games from this point on. The excitement on Marreese was clearly shown when he raised the Magic jersey up.

Why Marreese loves to play for Orlando?

The Central Florida native was emotional about fact that he will play for the Magic and he certainly is a Magic fan ever since.

Speights looks up to players Nick Anderson, Darrell Armstrong and the superstar Tracy McGrady, who is also a Central Florida native. As a child, Speights dreamed of playing for the team that he always watched on the television before.

Speights could provide that championship experience to his new team Orlando Magic, where he belongs to the few 42 players in NBA to win a NCAA title with the University of Florida and an NBA title with the Golden State Warriors.

He may possibly lead the team to achieve the one goal of every team in NBA, a championship ring.

And lastly, Speights described the feeling to play for Orlando unreal for this is his dream team and been longing to play for Orlando since he started watching basketball.