Jon Jones is probably out of chances. He's getting another one this July, where he will be fighting at UFC 214 in Anaheim. The announcement was made on Friday afternoon before UFC 211, with a slew of other announcements being made. The opponent is one Jones will recognize and couldn't help but getting into a confrontation with as soon as the fight became official to the public.

Jones announcement goes awry

Jones will be fighting Daniel Cormier at UFC 214. They were first destined to fight in September 2014, with Cormier serving as an injury replacement.

Jones got hurt, though. They eventually fought a few months later, with Jones winning by unanimous decision. Cormier took his belt though after Jones was forced to vacate. A rematch was set up on multiple occasions, but either legal troubles or injuries forced the cancellation of the bout every single time.

It didn't take too long for the fighters to after it, though. Cormier started throwing bottles at Jones, a la Conor McGregor in the past. Cormier also made a snide comment about whether or not Jones would show up to UFC 214 due to his history of drug use. His opponent sniped back, stating that he could destroy Cormier even after a cocaine-fueled binge. Backstage, Jones apparently made a comment about Cormier's family, since the fighter went after his opponent with an insane rage telling him to keep his family out of it.

Basically, these two fighters don't like each other very much.

Final chance for Jones

Jones' checkered past is well known to every UFC fan. From the felony hit-and-run that led to the organization stripping him of his title positive drug test days before a fight, there's nothing this fighter hasn't done wrong outside of the ring.

Inside of the ring, he's been nothing short of dominant. He is 22-1 in his career, with nine of those wins coming via knockout. If he ever had his head on straight, there's no doubt Jones would be one of the biggest figures in the entire sport.

He may not have many more chances to prove it, though. Jones has proven time and again that he doesn't have the emotional maturity or capability of being trusted.

Every move he makes before UFC 214 will be closely monitored, from his drug test to what he's doing during his free time. If there's even one minor slip up, he should be pulled from the card and his fighting career should be put to rest, once and for all. Everything is at stake for him in the next two months.