DeMarre Carroll told the Toronto Sun that he was not happy with the Toronto Raptors these past two seasons. Carroll was acquired two seasons ago to give the Raptors a veteran bench presence. Carroll was recently traded to the Brooklyn Nets this offseason in a sign-and-trade deal.

Carroll's comments are troubling

The Raptors made a huge investment when they re-signed Kyle Lowry to a $100 million contract. They already are paying Demar Derozan $26 million this season, while Serge Ibaka is expected to make around $12 million. These are the players that Raptors are banking on to lead them to the NBA Finals.

The troubling part of Carroll's comments is that he didn't believe the players played as a team. Carroll didn't believe that the Raptors should play a lot of isolation basketball. He believed the team should have played with more ball movement. Carroll's expectations were shooting 3-pointers and playing defense when he was brought in, but he didn't live up to the hype.

The Raptors didn't make it past the second round of the playoffs with this core group. If the Raptors do not make a run towards the conference finals next season then Carroll might have been on to something.

Raptors will take a step back this season

The problem Raptors' fans might face this season is that Toronto could regress. Even though the Eastern Conference is considered weak, the Raptors might not make it past the second round of the playoffs again.

The Boston Celtics are going to be better than what they were last season and they were the NO. 1 team in the East. The Cavaliers have made the NBA Finals three years in a row. The Washington Wizards went to seven games with the Celtics and upgraded by retaining Otto Porter Jr.

The Raptors have a nice starting lineup but no bench support.

PJ Tucker left Toronto to go to Houston. Patrick Patterson left to go to Oklahoma City. Carroll was traded to the Nets, while Cory Joseph was traded to the Pacers. CJ Miles might be their best-proven bench player. The Raptors are going to have to rely on recent draft picks to produce this year which is never a good formula.

The Raptors have to play better as a team this year because they do not have a whole lot of team left.

Raptors waive Justin Hamilton

Hamilton was the player that Toronto received in the trade that sent Joseph to Indiana. According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, the Raptors will shed the $3 million in salary that was owed to Hamilton. The move will help the Raptors in terms of the salary cap for this season and the upcoming future.