The Cleveland Cavaliers office is now under a huge mess as their superstar player, LeBron James, in only 50 weeks away from becoming a free agency player. Unfortunately, the Cavaliers owner seems unfussy about it, like he wants to let James go.

LeBron might really leave the Cavaliers

James was best known as the NBA’s most dominant player either inside or out the side the court. However, it seems that his influential outside the court now is being ripped off. The Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert, took the dismantled the front office without meeting the team’s top two front-office executives.

Recently, Gilbert ended general manager David Griffin’s contract. His actions were just like firing a guy who had taken the blames all years for the team. A close person to LeBron told the USA TODAY that Gilbert actions left the superstar frustrated. He said that LeBron James now has to deal with the Cav’s ability to put together a roster that can challenge and defeat the Golden State Warriors on his own.

However, the King will become a free agent player after the 2017-2018 season and it seems that it won’t take his time too much to choose his new team – especially if the King feels there’s a better opportunity for him to win another team. Recently, the Lakers are suggested as a possibility with LeBron gathering another star player to join young and talented franchise for the 2018-2019 season.

With just the current conflict and frustration, the Cavs were close to making a deal for the All-Star Jimmy Butler on the day Gilbert part ways with Griffin. How much conflict will happen in the future? No one knows but the only thing that is certain is that the franchise’s future is at stake.

Will fans burn LeBron’s jersey again?

Whatever James decided in the upcoming year, one thing is for sure- even the superstar leave again, this time will not be called as a traitor or a villain. Moreover, he will not be treated like he was in 2010 when he very publicly ditched the Cavaliers for the Miami Heat.

Sporting News mentioned that no one should blame LeBron if he part ways with Cleveland next summer.

Hence, no fans should burn his jersey this time. On the hand, Gilbert has specifically made the King’s potential exit in the most understandable and reasonable way.

It is still not uncertain how the front office will solve the situation as it already has impacted the Cavaliers this summer. The most crucial thing in the basketball is just not a player's relationship with the coach but with a player's relationship with someone at the top that he respects and justifies the decision. Sadly, this was not the case with LeBron and Gilbert.