The Florida police released a statement recently saying that Tennis star Venus Williams is at fault in the Car Crash that killed an elderly man. The crash took place on June 9 and the investigation on the matter was recently concluded.

Williams was driving an SUV at the time of the incident. She rushed into an intersection, which is near her home in Palm Beach Gardens. The other driver involved said she was not able to stop her vehicle and it led to her hitting Williams’ SUV. A passenger from inside the other vehicle died from the accident.

Tennis star explains incident from her point of view

Williams told investigators that she was just trying to make it through the intersection before the traffic light changed to red. She also said that when she was about to get through, the light was still green. She said she was, however, slowed by traffic leaving her exposed when she finally was at the intersection.

After the investigation, police concluded that she was at fault since she violated the right of way of the other involved vehicle in the crash. There have been no charges against Williams yet.

Police said there was no proof that Venus was under the influence of either drugs or alcohol when the incident took place. It was also not proven that she was on an electronic device at the time of the crash.

Venus Williams had other traffic violations in the past

Williams also had two other traffic violations in the past. Back in 2011, she was stopped by the Jupiter Police Department as she was cited for driving with no proof of insurance. She had to pay $139 in December of 2011. Initially, she was only fined $116 but it increased to $139 after she failed to pay on time.

In 2013, Williams was cited for unknowingly driving with a suspended or revoked license. She paid $166 for that run-in with the law.

Who is the victim

The victim is a 78-year-old man. His wife was driving their car at the time of the incident. According to ESPN, the man suffered from head trauma. He was taken to the hospital and spent two weeks there before he died.

The wife also suffered from minor injuries due to the crash.

Venus Williams set to play in Wimbledon

The reports about police finding Williams at fault came a week before she is set to play in Wimbledon. She is a seven-time Grand Slam champion.

Her attorney, Malcolm Cunningham, said that it is an unfortunate accident and Williams expressed her deepest condolences to the family of the deceased.