The Buffalo Bills have been in the NFL for a long time, and because of that, they've had some great players. In their golden years, the Bills made it to four straight Superbowls behind the offense of the great Jim Kelly. During that time, the Bills had some truly great players, including Wide Receivers. But even in other years, the Buffalo Bills had some really good players. Let's take a look at five of the best the Bills have ever had.

1. Andre Reed.

Every Bills fan agrees that Reed is the best wide receiver the franchise has ever had. He's a hall of famer, he was integral part of the Super Bowl runs, and he was Jim Kelly's favorite target.

Anybody who watched the Bills come back against the Oilers knows that Reed was great with other quarterbacks as well, as Frank Reich threw 3 touchdown passes to him in the greatest NFL comeback of all time.

2. Eric Moulds.

If Moulds had played with better quarterbacks throughout his career, he could have easily ranked #1 on this list. Instead, Moulds come in at number 2, but that doesn't take away from what he was able to accomplish with the Buffalo Bills. During his extended time in Buffalo, Moulds made three Pro Bowls and was easily the best wide receiver on the team. Want to see why he's number 2? Just take a look at the video below.

He was a beast as a deep threat, and made unbelievable catches throughout his time with the Bills.

Moulds will always go down as one of the best Bills receivers of all time, and it's really too bad that likely will not be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

3. Jerry Butler.

Back when Joe Ferguson was the quarterback of the Bills, Jerry Butler was the man. He was Ferguson's top wide receiver, and he set some truly impressive records in the NFL back then.

In just one game, Butler racked up 255 receiving yards and a whopping four touchdowns, a record that wouldn't be broken until the next man on the list managed to. As an upstanding community member and awesome NFL player, Butler's memory will forever be etched into the minds of Bills fans who got to see him play.

4. Lee Evans.

One of the sneakier deep threats for the Bills, Evans was excellent in his time in Buffalo. In 2006, Evans became Buffalo's top receiver and quickly started posting records. To date, he has the most receiving yards in one quarter (205) for the team and most receiving yards (265) in one game. He actually recorded two 80+ receptions in one game, and is clearly one of the best deep threats the team has ever had.

5. Stevie Johnson.

Who could forget "Why so serious?"

In all seriousness, Stevie Johnson was one of the most consistent wide receivers the Bills have ever had. He was drafted by the Bills in the 7th round and 2008 and provided more production than the team could have ever expected from him.

From 2010 to 2012, Johnson posted 1,000 receiving yard seasons and was the number one wide receiver option on the team. Unfortunately, the Bills decided that Watkins would be a better number one and traded Johnson to the 49ers. Now, though, Johnson is a free agent and could potentially re-sign with the team. His production has tapered off in recent years, but a reunion with his home team could definitely help.