The Cleveland Cavaliers have been looking to clear cap space to have more financial flexibility during this free agency period, but have failed to cut ties with their high-earning players. They have tried to trade Iman Shumpert but haven’t found suitors and are now stuck with these undeserving contracts, with no wiggle room.

Richard Jefferson will play one more season

On Wednesday, they also found out that veteran Richard Jefferson will return to the team for a 17th season. Jefferson, 37, has been considering retirement since last summer but continues to return to Cleveland for an extra year.

The one-time champion has a $2.5 million contract for the upcoming season, which the Cavaliers cannot trim.

If Jefferson retired, the Cavaliers could have waived him, clearing his contract off the team’s pay roll. The same goes to Channing Frye, who is considering retirement as well. The stretch big man has an expiring $7.4 million contract, which could be cleared from the books if he retires.

Although aging, Jefferson has been a serviceable player for the Cavs over the last couple of seasons. He has been able to slash to the basket and hit corner three-pointers. However, the Cavaliers have been hoping to acquire younger and better players this offseason, but they are financially strapped. They have even been unable to trade Kevin Love, who averaged nearly 20 and 10 this past season.

James Jones may call it quits

While Jefferson has committed to play another season, James Jones may call it quits. Jones has been following LeBron James since 2010, appearing in seven consecutive NBA Finals just like LeBron. However, he was used scarcely this past season, which has driven him to consider retirement. Unfortunately, if Jones retires, nothing changes for the Cavaliers financially since he is already a free agent.

Therefore, the Cavaliers are still going to have a tough time adding quality free agents. The only moves they have made this offseason are re-signing Kyle Korver, which was a must, and signing Jose Calderon to the veteran’s minimum. The Cavaliers have become so desperate that they are targeting long-time Miami Heat veteran Udonis Haslem.

Cleveland’s rough offseason

It’s been a rough offseason for the Cavaliers, who lost general manager David Griffin, and lost out on players such as Jimmy Butler, Paul George, and Zach Randolph. Their only hope now would be to attain Jamal Crawford if he is bought out by the Atlanta Hawks, or Carmelo Anthony if he, too, receives a buyout.