The Cleveland Cavaliers fans have been waiting to see if Richard Jefferson would hang up his basketball shoes for good this year, or if he would be returning to the Cavs for another season. This week, Rich, who is a favorite among Cleveland basketball fans, finally made the big decision and has officially announced that he would be returning to the team for the 2017-2018 season, putting off retirement for at least one more year.

RJ makes a big announcment

According to Bleacher Report, Richard Jefferson will be back with the Cleveland Cavaliers next season as they look to return to the NBA Finals for the fourth consecutive year.

Richard, a 16-year NBA vet, announced the big news on his "Road Trippin'" podcast, even though he's been toying with the idea of retiring for the past two seasons. Jefferson signed a three-year deal for about $7.6 millions last year, and will be making $2.5 next season, it would have been hard for the baller to walk away and leave that guaranteed money on the table, especially since it's recently been revealed that his former business manager allegedly defrauded the NBA star for more than $7 million.

Cleveland Cavaliers fans can expect to see Richard Jefferson suit up in the white and gold uniform yet again for next season as he's been a key role player coming off the bench for the team, who are currently worrying their fans when it comes to NBA free agency.

Richard averages 5.7 points per game and 2.6 rebounds in about 20.4 minutes. While fans would love to see those numbers increase, they do love the energy and leadership that Rich brings to the Cavs, and are hoping that the team will return to the Finals, and get him at least one more ring before he officially retires.

Cavs could be losing a veteran player

Meanwhile, reveals that while Richard Jefferson is officially a go for next season, James Jones may not be returning to the team. Jones has been a teammate of LeBron James for the past seven seasons in Miami and Cleveland. This means that like LeBron, James has been to seven straight Finals appearances.

However, the NBA veteran is rarely seen in crucial game time minutes. LeBron has called James Jones his favorite player of all-time due to the ability he has to stay ready despite his lack of playing time. LeBron also revealed that he will always make sure there's a spot on the roster for his friend, whom he calls the "greatest teammate" that he has ever had.