Ty Lawson once had the look of one of the better point guards in the NBA. Then, a series of arrests left him in the waste bin of the league. He hasn't been able to get his career back on track since. There's a decent chance that his career is already over as he waits in free agency for an opportunity. There are several teams who could take a chance on him, though. These four teams could be a good fit for Lawson to finish - and conclude - his career.

4. New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans' interest in moving Jrue Holiday off the ball more often became pronounced on Thursday when the team reportedly met with Rajon Rondo.

Right now, it appears that the team and player are motivated to get something done. If they don't, Lawson could be the next man up. He can't really function off the dribble, so it would be perfect for him to man the point guard slot while Holiday moves into a shooting guard role. Lawson could be had on a one-year deal in free agency.

3. Los Angeles Lakers

Another team that is interested in Rondo in free agency, but may be willing to take Lawson as a consolation prize. The Lakers are looking for a mentor for rookie Lonzo Ball. Lawson doesn't have "MENTOR" painted across the face, but he is a veteran presence at the point guard position who could be had on a one-year deal, just like Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

Lawson averaged 9.6 assists per game at the peak of his career, so there are few better passers for Ball to learn from.

2. New York Knicks

So many teams want a temporary point guard to mentor their rookie! In this case, Frank Ntilikina would be in the mentee role. This has the potential to be a real combustible situation in a locker room rife with fragility following the events of the past 12 months.

But at least Lawson shouldn't have the opportunity to rack up a DUI in New York? Cap constraints would make this deal rather difficult to pull off during free agency.

1. Sacramento Kings

Do the Kings need to bring him back after signing George Hill and drafting De'Aaron Fox and Frank Mason III? No. But Lawson fits in pretty well in Sacramento - he might need them more than they need him.

He showed as much promise in Sacramento last season as he had back at the beginning of his career. Even though Lawson is now in the twilight phase of his NBA tenure, the fact that he recorded his first triple-double at the end of the season proves he isn't done yet. Besides, Hill has some fragile injury concerns coming into the year.