It is officially that time of year. The college football world starts trying to explain to everybody why certain players are more deserving of awards like the Heisman trophy. Usually, a school will take on the role of salesman in this regard but one Oklahoma State player has decided to take it on himself. Redshirt-senior punter Zach Sinor has launched his official Heisman campaign website and it is simply awesome.

Website wins the Internet

If making people laugh out loud was the way to score Heisman votes, then Sinor's website would have him as the front runner.

Sinor, who is a very talented punter, and could even win a Ray Guy award for best in college football is setting his sights higher. The OSU veteran announced his official Heisman campaign back in June but on Tuesday he unveiled his brand new, state of the art website, complete with dancing baby.

On the website, Sinor reminds voters that he led all of FBS punters with 62.5 percent being downed inside the 20. He had more punts than any other punter in the country as he racked up a whopping 35 in 2016. He added that the fact that he pins so many opponents deep in their own territory means he is hell on opposing offenses.

Now that he has those numbers to back him up, he's going full bore with the campaign.

During Big 12 media days, which just kicked off, he's even handed out brochures, which further underline why he should be the pick for Heisman voters.

Points for originality

It's hard not to want to see Sinor at least get a couple of votes for his campaign.

It's not every day that we see a player go all out on what appears to be a very elaborate joke. Sinor is even showing off his rather awesome mustache in order to try and get people to understand how much he deserves the award.

The website itself should get more attention than anything else put together simply because of the irony involved.

The website looks and acts like what would have been the state of the art about 10 years ago, or perhaps even 20. The dancing baby, of course, is something that was made popular by a show that has been off the air for over 15 years. The background, the lettering, everything goes towards pulling off a particular look and it's spectacular.

The good news for the rest of the college football world is that Oklahoma State punter Zach Sinor doesn't really believe he's going to win the Heisman. The bad news, is that it certainly looks as though he's raised the bar when it comes to promotion.