Brandon Marshall wasn't an NFL free agent for long but will play in the same stadium in 2017. Marshall left the New York Jets last week and signed with the New York Giants this week, tweeting out a copy of his signed contract. The Jets and Giants both share MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, so Marshall won't have to relocate at all this season after the New York Jets cut him.

Brandon Marshall's NFL career

Brandon Marshall has long been considered one of the NFL's best receivers but has somehow never reached the playoffs in 11 seasons despite playing for franchises that have been successful over the years.

Marshall started out with the Denver Broncos, a fourth-round pick in 2006. He developed a strong relationship with quarterback Jay Cutler but the two never made it to the playoffs. Marshall left in 2010 for the Miami Dolphins and played two seasons with the franchise where they struggled consistently. The Chicago Bears signed Marshall and reunited him with Cutler in 2012 and there were high hopes.

Despite solid offensive starters, the Bears never got over the hump and once again never made the postseason. The last two seasons, Marshall played for the New York Jets. In 2015, the Jets named him their MVP when he broke the franchise records for receiving and yards in a season. In 2016, Marshall and the New York Jets struggled thanks to erratic quarterback play from a team that couldn't maintain consistency at the position.

He hopes to change his luck with the New York Giants.

Brandon Marshall with the New York Giants

The new contract will see Brandon Marshall heading to the New York Giants, where he will be the second-best receiver on the team but might have to share that secondary role with second-year player Sterling Shepard. The contract is a two-year deal worth $12 million and Brandon will provide quarterback Eli Manning with three legitimate targets alongside Shepard and leading receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Marshall commented that Shepard will work the slot and he will take up the wideout position opposite Beckham, which was previously held by Victor Cruz. While Brandon Marshall has never played in the postseason in his NFL career, he might get a chance on a very formidable looking Giants team.