The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) has announced changes to what female golfers should wear and should not wear on the golf course. The new Dress Code went into effect this week, and some women aren't pleased. Women contend that they want to look good while playing on the golf course.

There have been debates about the new guidelines from players and commentators. The critics agree that the new dress code is not necessary. Besides, it is condescending. Those who support the new guidelines say the changes are needed for clarification of the current dress code.

What's banned

All current players were notified on July 2 via email, and the new guidelines went into effect on Monday, July 17. The changes were outlined so everyone would know what outfits are being banned. According to LPGA President Vicki Goetze-Ackerman, the dress code includes a ban on leggings, plunging necklines, racer backs, shorts too short, and skirts that don't cover women's complete bottom, as well as jeans, workout gear, and joggers. Additionally, all tops should have a collar.

Criticism of the new guidelines

People are referring to the recent rules as new guidelines. It would be safe to say that the dress code is an update and clarification of the existing rules, according to Heather Daly-Donofrio, a spokeswoman for the LPGA.

She told CBS News that some players had requested clarification on existing policies. They also requested that thought be given to today's fashion. The spokesperson said the changes are so minor that viewers are not going to notice a difference.

Criticism has come from women who advocate for gender equality in sports. They believe females should wear what makes them feel comfortable while playing golf.

Some golfers are surprised that there is criticism regarding the dress code. After all, every sport and organization has a dress code. One player defended the guidelines by saying golfers should look professional while being comfortable. Sandra Gal, an LPGA professional player said she agreed with some of the guidelines but not all of them.

Her viewpoint is that women should look as good as they want while playing the sport they love. She added that female tennis players do so well in their sport because they are comfortable while looking good at the same time.

What do you think about the guidelines for female golfers? Do you agree with the new changes?