There is little doubt the Nebraska football team is going after the best of the best. The rise of Missouri wide receiver Cameron Brown certainly illustrates that. Brown had come intro the week as a three-star prospect, despite the fact that he's getting attention from the likes of the Huskers and Ohio State. It appears all that attention has finally seen him get rewarded with some more plaudits. Brown announced on his personal Twitter account that he just recently received his fourth star in the 247 recruiting database.

While grading metrics like the star system is certainly not a 100 percent accurate, but it can at least come out and identify some of the more talented players in the class.

When it comes to Brown, it would seem as though the Nebraska is about to get even more company when it comes to schools that are going to be going hard after the wide receiver.

Nebraska football and the saga of Cameron Brown

For a while, Cameron Brown seemed to be a lock for the Nebraska football team. There was talk about how good he was doing in camps and what a get he was for the school. Then he decided to take a trip to Ohio State and suddenly, it seemed as though the union wasn't set in stone. The thoughts that Brown might be looking somewhere else were apparently not unfounded. It was just a few days after he attended the camp that he announced he was opening up his recruitment and was no longer committed to the Huskers.

Normally when a player decommits from a school like Nebraska, that means the relationship is over. That doesn't appear to be the case with Brown. By all accounts, he's kept a relationship going with the Huskers and even attended one of their Friday Night Lights camps.

While it still seems like there is an outside chance the Huskers can get him, he's still looking around and taking other visits. Brown has not said when he is going to be announcing where his final landing spot will be. All we know is that he will be picking sometime later in the year and Nebraska is still in the running.

Nebraska football recruit among the best in the show me state

247 Sports, for its' part still thinks Nebraska is going to be the team to beat when it comes to getting Brown. If they are able to do that, they will not only be beating Ohio State for a four star recruit but also getting one of the best players in the state of Missouri. Brown is currently ranked as the 7th best player in the state and the 55th best receiver in the entire class.