Trade rumors are swirling around many teams in the NBA. Recently, the Los Angeles Lakers had shown an interest in acquiring free agent Kentavious Caldwell-Pope from the Detroit Pistons. The Lakers have big plans for the summer next year, and a trade with the Pistons is believed to be a plan to target LeBron James.

Rumors state that the Lakers are looking forward to a one-year deal with Caldwell-Pope. Most of the teams look to secure their future with trade options, but the Lakers plans for getting hold of Caldwell-Pope seems to be a long term investment.

If the Lakers obtain Caldwell-Pope from the Pistons, they will get one step closer to acquire LeBron James.

Caldwell-Pope can lure James from a basketball perspective

There is no doubt that the Detroit star will make a great player for the Los Angeles Lakers. Caldwell-Pope is young plus he has great potential and moreover, he is a free agent. The 24-year-old star was one of the top high school basketball players. According to SB Rant, Caldwell-Pope is a prelude for the Lakers to their pursuit of LeBron James.

One main reason is that he shares an agent with LeBron James named Rich Paul. The Lakers might have plans to use these option to get the Cleveland Cavaliers star to their team. Rich Paul is based in Cleveland, and he also represents a number of prominent NBA players including James.

Some of the other NBA stars under Paul are Ben Simmons and John Wall.

The Lakers also have plans for Paul George

If the Lakers acquire Caldwell-Pope, they could sign him up for one year and later on extend his contract. That said, the Lakers could create more cap space next year. Once they have the cap space, they can continue to pursue James and Paul George.

The Lakers have been trying to obtain Paul George, on the other hand, George has been interested in playing for the Lakers for a long time.

It all depends on the one-year-deal with Caldwell-Pope, it is possible for the Lakers to bring in all three players. But they will need to clear even more cap space because they are looking at a three-player deal.

Obtaining the Pistons star would certainly make sense for the Lakers as that would be the first step for them to get closer to LeBron James and Paul George.

The Los Angeles Lakers are aware of the risk and the benefits if the deal manages to break through how they anticipate. Looking at the Cavaliers standpoint, they will not give up James with ease because he his considered as one big player on the team.