Kyrie Irving's trade rumors are not showing any signs of stopping. Right after his request for a trade from the Cavs, most of the top teams have tried to acquire the point guard. The Cleveland Cavaliers have a huge advantage by possessing Irving. They have the opportunity to get hold of some good deal with many teams.

All the Cavs need to do is just sit back and wait for the best opportunity to rise. The situation is going in favor for the Cavs since they don't have the struggle of searching for potential trade options.

Some of the teams that approached the Cavs for a trade deal include the Phoenix Suns and Boston Celtics.

Will Boston be the team to acquire Irving?

The Boston Celtics are no doubt one of the strongest teams in NBA. They are believed to be emerging as a super team with General Manager Danny Ainge's developments. On the other hand, the Celtics are also known for their strong assets. Various trade rumors of the Celtics acquiring Kyrie Irving had been spreading like wildfire. It turns out that they might be true after all as the Celtics are now considered as one of the most potential clubs to obtain the Cavs point guard.

The recent rumor is that Isaiah Thomas could be on the trading list for Irving.

That said, both teams will benefit from the trade. The Cavaliers will get Thomas as their point guard, and in return, Boston will obtain Kyrie Irving. That is highly possible to take place but by looking back at the previous trade options. Danny Ainge did not express much interest even for Paul George's trade with the Indiana Pacers.

Perhaps, the Celtics were not keen on George as they required someone else to fill that spot. When it comes to choosing players, the Celtics General Manager makes sure he does the right thing for the team.

Phoenix Suns on Irving situation

According to NESN, there have been six teams that made offers to the Cleveland for Kyrie Irving.

That includes the Los Angeles Clippers, San Antonio Spurs, Minnesota Timberwolves, New York Knicks, Miami Heat, and Phoenix Suns. Out of all these teams, the Suns have the ability to strike a deal with the Cavs. Phoenix has more opportunities than the Spurs or any other team that approached the Cavaliers.

As for Irving, he prefers going the New York Knicks. The Cavs striking a deal with the Knicks might not be in their interests because the Knicks have Carmelo Anthony on the trading block. What the Cavs need is a returned centered or win-now veterans and draft picks. The only two teams that can provide this are the Boston Celtics and the Phoneix Suns.