Jeremy Lin recently vowed that the Brooklyn Nets will make the NBA playoffs. However, a new suggestion may alter that goal with “Linsanity” being suggested as a possible piece involving a Kyrie Irving trade.

As most have heard by now, “Uncle Drew” is requesting the Cleveland Cavaliers to trade him. The reason is allegedly because Irving wants to be the top dog for teams interested in him as well as to step out of LeBron James’ shadow.

Multiple teams are likely scrambling right now and money matters stand in the way. If not a straight-up trade, an Irving deal may require a three-team swap and Lin has been somehow tied up to the mix.

Jeremy Lin unlikely to be moved

The Brooklyn Nets are no strangers to making uncanny trades. But the case of Lin could be different. For one, “Linsanity” has a close working relationship with head coach Kenny Atkinson. The belief is that Lin and new recruit D’Angelo Russell will be tasked to lead the Nets this coming season.

But then again, anything can happen. While the Nets are unlikely to be Irving’s stop, moving for added talent and money considerations could be possible. Lin has shown his tenacity and uncanny playmaking ability but the Russell factor could make skeptics think about the possibility.

Two teams could be in the hunt for Irving – the Denver Nuggets and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

To make it work, the Cleveland Cavaliers could end up with the Lin in a merry mix-up of players.

Obviously, there will be a gaping hole in Cleveland once the Kyrie Irving trade is consummated. Lin could fill in the void though it brings back haunting memories of his forgettable stint with the Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron James is a superstar and most know how Lin failed to get along with Kobe Bryant in LA.

It could be déjà vu all over again – meaning there is that chance Lin and LeBron may not click.

Why not Russell instead?

Right now, it would be crazy to see Lin being sent off to other teams. Rather than dealing off a player who has stepped into big shoes, any trade by the Nets may have better chances with D'Angelo Russell.

Russell is the new face in the mix and somehow he conflicts with the role of Lin.

While both could play together, dealing him off (possibly to the Cavs) makes more sense. The Nets could fill in missing spots on their roster while the Cavs fill in the point guard void.

All these are speculation for now with the Nets in focus. Other NBA teams are likely contemplating on moves to land one of the best guards in the NBA today – Kyrie Irving.