The NBA free agency 2017 news and rumors continue as the top player on the list has committed to a team. It's being reported that NBA free agent Derrick Rose has decided to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The news comes around the same time that point guard Kyrie Irving has made it known that he wants out of Cleveland, so he will no longer have to play alongside LeBron James. Here's the latest on the Derrick Rose's free agency decision with the Cavs.

What's the deal?

Per ESPN, Derrick Rose has agreed to a one-year deal at the veteran's minimum of $2.1 million.

Rose and his agent, B.J. Armstrong met with the Cavs organization on Monday. It's expected that Rose could sign with the Cavaliers as early as Tuesday.

There had been NBA rumors that the Los Angeles Lakers were interested in bringing Rose to their team to help mentor rookie Lonzo Ball. Reports indicated that Rose also could have made more money if he chose to sign with the Lakers. It was estimated his deal there would have been worth $3 million, but playing with the Cleveland Cavs gives him more of a chance to contend for a title. He'll also be closer to his hometown of Chicago.

Cavs' outlook

As mentioned, the Cavs are dealing with the news that their player Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland.

Reports came out last week that the All-Star guard wants to be traded to a team where he can be more of the focal point. It's also no secret that LeBron James has one year left in Cleveland and could very well take his talents to Los Angeles to play with the Lakers after this season.

Rose is a former NBA MVP from 2011 who averaged productive numbers while a member of the New York Knicks this past season.

Unfortunately, the former Chicago Bulls star has also dealt with a good share of injuries over his career, which is always a concern.

Nonetheless, it's believed that Rose was a good deal for NBA free agency at the price the Cavs got him for. They attempted to bring in veteran guard Deron Williams last season as part of their bench but that didn't work out quite as well as they'd hope.

With D-Rose, the team is hoping that if Kyrie Irving ends up being traded, they'll at least have a good option in place to handle the playmaking.

As of this report, the Cavaliers are still second-favorite on the future odds to win the NBA Finals next season. The team still trails the star-studded Golden State Warriors in that category, as they are clearly are the force to be reckoned with in the NBA. Will Derrick Rose give Cleveland enough to compete with their nemesis?