The Los Angeles Clippers have a big void at point guard following the move of Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets. Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are still around but the big men need the right ball handler/ facilitator to make things work.

One of the big names in NBA free agency will be Derrick Rose and it looks like the former MVP will be sitting down with Clippers management this week to see if he can fill in the point guard vacancy. Aside from Rose, the Clippers are expected to check out other upcoming free agents before the 2017-18 NBA season kicks off.

Risky Rose

Derrick Rose quietly contributed for the New York Knicks last season though he was far from his old explosive self. He appeared in 64 games for the Knicks and still managed to put up the points.

With Rose’s offensive talent still reliable, his ability to pass the ball and make his teammates look good is in question. Unlike Paul, Rose is seen more as someone who looks to score than pass the ball to his teammates. With stars like Griffin and Jordan in the middle, that could be a problem for head coach Doc Rivers unless Rose is open to toning down his role.

Aside from that score-first mentality, Rose’s health is in question- particularly his knees. After winning the NBA MVP award back in 2011, the 28-year-old had to undergo several knee procedures which contributed to the decline in his explosiveness.

Rose has so far been able to stay healthy though the fear of a bad fall or awkward landing could render him immobile once more. Most feel that D-Rose would be well off changing his playing style. Based on his play with the Knicks last season, nothing much has changed.

D-Rose replacing Reddick?

If not Paul, Rose could be taken in to replace J.

J. Reddick instead. The latter opted to sign with the Philadelphia 76ers, leaving yet another void at the shooting guard position. Could Rose be aiming for that instead?

Seeing how the Clippers need to load up with shooters, Rose is best known for his slashing. He does have a decent outside shot though it may not be consistent with that of shooters like Reddick.

Hence, it makes more sense to see Rose filling up Paul’s role only that he lacks the ability to make pinpoint passes like Paul.

Right now, Rose and the Clippers will be meeting up to discuss a possible tenure and that plus the state of his knees will likely be in question. D-Rose is looking for a max deal this NBA offseason – something critics believe may be hard to come by.