The City of Brotherly Love has been home to many important events throughout the history of our nation. In fact, when many Americans think about the city of Philadelphia they tend to think about Benjamin Franklin and the Liberty Bell. Although these landmarks and past history have given Philadelphia a name, the city is becoming familiar with another big attraction that seems to be coming to town. The Philadelphia 76ers are looking to become an NBA team that can become dangerous in the upcoming years.

After finishing the 2016 season with a record of 10-72, the organization has been making moves that would help fans "trust the process." At the end of the 2017 season, the team was able to show small improvements.

As the team finished the season 28-54, fans are looking for more growth in the 2017-18 NBA season.

Young talent tries to make an impact

When you think of the Philadelphia 76ers, many would travel memory lane and relive the iconic moments that were created by Allen Iverson. His winning attitude brought the tradition of winning to the City of Brotherly Love. When we fast forward to the present day Sixers, Joel Embiid has brought the winning spirit back to the streets of Philadelphia. Last season Embiid played 31 games and was able to still average 20 Points Per Game.

His point production enabled his teammates to gain confidence in the talents that they pose at a young age. Rookie teammate Dario Saric also made some headway when it came to developing his game.

He was able to start 28 games for the 76ers and produced positive numbers when the team needed it the most. The spark that Embiid was able to fuse should hopefully continue to travel to his other teammates in 2017.

Many fans are waiting for the star first round draft pick Ben Simmons to hit the hardwood. The talented 7-footer from Australia has the ability to run the point guard position as well as other positions on the floor.

With a weapon like this on the 76ers roster, Philadelphia might have a chance to improve some more during the 2017-18 season.

New additions are looking to make an impact

Although the 76ers have some of the key pieces to their success in their arsenal, the team had to shop for more. J.J Reddick and Markelle Fultz have both been added to the developing team's roster.

Markelle Fultz was able to average 23 points per game while he attended the University of Washington. His ability to play effectively each game will allow the 76ers the ability to utilize his talent. When putting together the veteran leadership provided by J.J Reddick and Fultz's youth, the Sixers should be able to develop into a good NBA team . Hopefully the 76ers will be able to put their star pieces together and create some problems for the newly constructed Eastern Conference.