The Los Angeles Lakers failed to acquire Paul George this offseason but are prepared to go after him as a free agent next summer. Knowing that George could come to them as a free agent next year, the Lakers are trying to preserve their cap space for this season. With that in mind, it is likely that they are looking for players that would accept a one-year deal.

According to reports, the Lakers are in the mix for George Hill, Rajon Rondo, and Dion Waiters. Hill and the Lakers are currently in serious talks regarding a one-year deal. Meanwhile, Rondo remains on the Lakers’ radar as another choice for the point guard spot.

The Lakers are hoping to add one of the two veteran point guards to help mentor Lonzo Ball.

Waiters met with the Lakers on Sunday night, but nothing has been revealed about his meeting. His asking price may be too high after he had a breakthrough year in Miami. The Heat still want to re-sign Waiters and would probably fight for him if it came down to it.

How would Rajon Rondo fit?

Rondo, 31, is known as a pass-first point guard with very little offensive abilities. While Rondo could drive the lane and finish around the rim, his inability to shoot from outside has always been a major issue. Teams often times give Rondo plenty of space to shoot jumpers, which doesn’t bode well for the veteran.

Therefore, he may not be a good fit for the Lakers because Ball needs to handle the playmaking duties this season, which would force Rondo to become a spot-up shooter, something he is not accustomed to doing.

To develop Ball, they don’t need another point guard that would take away possessions and touches from the youngster.

Where does Dion Waiters fit?

Waiters, on the other hand, is a scorer who plays the shooting guard position. Next to Ball, he would be a sufficient fit since he has the ability to play off the ball. Waiters can also create for himself and others, and has solid range from outside.

Is George Hill a good fit?

Meanwhile, Hill is probably the best fit for the team. Not only is he a solid defender, but he is a combo guard. If the Lakers need him to spot up to shoot outside shots, he would be able to answer the call. He was very efficient and effective for the Utah Jazz this past season. If the Lakers need him to handle the ball and make plays, Hill has the ability to fulfill those needs.

He would be a terrific mentor for Ball, therefore, the Lakers should sign him to a one-year deal before another team like the Denver Nuggets do so.