LeBron James is quite silent during this offseason. This is an 180-degree turn from his activities two years ago. He was busy recruiting quality players to beef up the Cleveland squad against the Golden State Warriors. Those actions resulted in a championship trophy during the 2015 – 2016 Season. The Cleveland franchise needs his help to entice big names to join them.

It has been days since free agency started yet, the Cleveland Cavaliers have not landed a big name player as of yet. Big names like Chris Paul, Paul George, and Blake Griffin are already off the market.

There is no shortage of players they could acquire to prepare against the Golden State Warriors. The New York Knicks are talking about their desire to unload Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis. LeBron James needs to do something to help his team recruit quality players.

LeBron James to leave Cleveland next year?

Rumors abound that James will be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers after the 2017 - 2018 season. According to Bussiness Insider, he is reportedly heading west this time. He has a lot of business interest out there. He even bought a house just 30 minutes away from the Staple Center. His wife even showed interest in living in the Los Angeles area full time.

A report from Blasting News LeBron will be joining the Los Angeles Lakers. He may opt out of his final year’s contract for this to happen.

The Lakers for their part are rebuilding their franchise. They appointed Earvin “Magic” Johnson as President of Basketball Operations and drafted high priced rookie Lonzo Ball. This could entice LeBron to join their team.

Lonzo Ball wants LeBron James in Laker’s Uniform

A video was circulated with Lonzo Ball persuading James to join the Lakers after this season.

With barber shop talks of James leaving the Cavs again next year Lonzo made the move of convincing him to join him in playing with him for the Los Angeles Lakers franchise. LeBron James is Lonzo’s favorite players. Laker fans are speechless in anticipation.

LeBron can’t Guarantee His Stay with the Cavaliers

James had left Cleveland to join the Miami Heat in 2010.

After four years and two championships with the Miami franchise, he came back to Cleveland with a promise. He wants to give the Cleveland Cavaliers their first Championship trophy. It was just fitting since Ohio is his home state and Cleveland drafted him in the NBA in 2003. After 2 years since coming back, he fulfilled his promise.

James is 1 win and 2 loses win championship appearance with the Cleveland Cavaliers. All championship matches were against the Golden State Warriors. With his current teammates, it is very unlikely to dethrone the Warriors next year. LeBron wants the fourth ring. This is the basis of all rumors that he is leaving again.

Report from the Cleveland Scene said that when team owner Dan Gilbert asked LeBron James about this plans after this season, the player cannot guarantee his stay with the team.

LeBron seems to have some misgivings about the team. He did not approve that David Griffin’s contract as GM was not renewed. He may also be upset about his 1 – 2 championship record with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Those could be the most potent reason why he wants to leave next year.

Whatever reason he has for wanting to leave, LeBron James has still one more year with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He just can’t sit down and wait for the season to end. He needs to do something if he wants his team to beat the Golden State Warriors this season. He should start recruiting quality players for a start. His entire legacy will be remembered based on his actions during this season.