Lonzo Ball surprised a lot of fans when he came out for his third game in the NBA summer league wearing Kobe Bryant’s Nike shoes. This is after he played the first two games wearing the Big Baller Brand shoes that his father put the deal together to create for him. In the fourth game, Lonzo came out wearing Adidas shoes and many fans wondered what was going on with Ball, whose father had insisted that his son sells his shoes independently and not sign with a major shoe company unless the money was right. After his son wore rival shoes, LaVar Ball said they are still open to a new shoe deal if the “price is right.”

Lonzo Ball testing out other shoes

Lonzo Ball wore Nike shoes as he scored 36 points with 11 assists, eight rebounds, five steals, and two blocks.

After the game, LeBron James was talking about how great Lonzo looked, saying he could “really pass it” and the King seemed impressed with the Los Angeles Lakers rookie. After the game, the reporters wanted to know why he was wearing Nike shoes instead of his Big Baller Brand shoes.

According to Lonzo Ball, when you go independent like he did, you can wear whatever brand of shoes you want. He said that he wanted to switch it up in Game 3 and used the “Mamba mentality.” Lonzo said it is nice to wear whatever you want and it was nice to get out on the court and play in those shoes. LeBron James posted a funny comment on Instagram as well, showing the shoes and posting “Just. Do. It.”

To prove his point and to show that it wasn’t a sign he was interested in signing with Nike, Lonzo Ball went out in the next game wearing James Harden’s Adidas shoes against LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers.

Ball seems to be having a good time because he switched it up again in his fifth game, wearing Steph Curry’s Under Armour shoes. It seems fans are almost more interested now in what shoes he will wear next.

LaVar open to sneaker deal

Whether it is because the Big Baller Brand shoes are not selling at the rate he thought or if there are just other reasons, LaVar Ball says they are still open to signing a sneaker deal if the price is right.

The BBB shoes cost close to $500, which puts them out of the price range for most kids. LaVar has already said he doesn’t care because Big Ballers can afford them. According to LaVar, his son is wearing all these different shoes to show companies he is open to talking. Despite that, Ball is still talking about a billion dollar deal, which won’t happen with any major shoe company.