Bill Simmons, an American sports columnist, analyst, author, and podcaster, recently said on his “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” that he believes LeBron James could form a Super Team with the Los Angeles Lakers for the next season. He also named DeMarcus Cousins, Paul George, and John Wall as the possible players who James could recruit to be part of the LA Lakers super team.

Simmons explains theory

James and George will become free agents by 2018 and Simmons believes Lakers will try to acquire these two top players. Simmons claimed that league sources have been saying that James will be with Los Angeles Lakers next season and the current Cleveland Cavaliers player has not denied the reports.

Aside from James and George becoming free agents next year, Wall and Cousins will also be free agents. Wall and Cousins already worked together when they played in Kentucky back in college. Lakers Nation reported that Wall and Cousins have a great relationship so teaming up and heading to another team together might be their plan.

Simmons also pointed out that Wall and James are both represented by the agency called Klutch so they might be talking about the possibility of playing together for the Los Angeles Lakers. George is expected to join Lakers since he just signed a one-year deal with Oklahoma City Thunder.

What others are saying about Simmons’ theory

Newsweek reported that the theory of Simmons is possible if Wall is unable to lead the Washington Wizards to the championship and if the Cleveland Cavaliers also do not make it to the championship for the 2017-2018 NBA season.

However, there will be problems in terms of salary capping if the Los Angeles Lakers really acquire all four.

If these players really do team up, they will have to accept a lower salary than they earn with their current teams. Hoops Hype indicate that James is projected to earn $33,285,709 for this season while Wall is sitting at $16,784,031.

George, on the other hand, is looking at $19,300,000.

Cousins is with the New Orleans Pelicans now and did take a lesser salary than the Sacramento Kings would have offered him if he signed the five-year extension they offered to him earlier this year. He is paid $16,784,031 this season. It is unclear how much Los Angeles Lakers could offer these four players if Simmons’ theory becomes a fact and how much are they willing to take.

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