Arriving at a new team can bring many expectations to a player especially if they are considered one of the best in the business. When you are coming to fill the role of another star player that left, that is when the pressure levels amplify. Despite all of this, for Paul George, there is another level of stress added to his arrival in Oklahoma City. Not only is George expected to fill the void left by 2017 Finals MVP Kevin Durant, but he also has to answer media questions in regards to his Team USA teammates Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant's relationship.

Four-time all-star Paul George who was recently traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder by the Indiana Pacers stated that former Thunder teammates, 2017 Finals MVP Kevin Durant and 2017 MVP Russel Westbrook, have both resolved their differences that started when Durant decided to leave the Thunder for the Golden State Warriors last July and are back to being buddies.

The Oklahoma reveals all

The Oklahoman's Adam Kemp moved along remarks made by Paul George during his television interview with Adrain Wojnarowski of ESPN about the possible rupture between these two superstars of the NBA. In August of 2016, it was reported by Adrian Wojnarowski that Kevin Durant notified Russell Westbrook of his decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and join the Golden State Warriors by text message.

Wojnarowski took note of how Westbrook had no interest in providing any details about Durant's departure. However, Wojnarowski casually suggested that it would be a long time before Westbrook and Durant have another meaningful conversation.

The addition of Kevin Durant helped propel the Golden State Warriors as they beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in five games in the 2017 NBA Finals to help the Warriors win their second NBA championship in three seasons.

This move left Russell Westbrook as the lone superstar on the Oklahoma City Thunder, forcing him to carry an average Thunder team. As a result, he became only the second player ever in NBA history to average a triple double for the regular season and as a result was rewarded with the 2017 NBA MVP.

The former teammates are not yet ready to comment on the situation

On Wednesday night, Russel Westbrook and Kevin Durant's connection was brought again to the spotlight as Peyton Manning, who was hosting the 2017 ESPY Awards, made a joke at Durant's expense about Durant joining the Team USA gymnastics team. Because of Westbrook's refusal of acknowledgment and Durant's emotionless stare, It is hard to analyze the situation of the relationship between Westbrook and Durant. However, the reaction from the audience made it a highlight of the night.

While Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant have not mentioned each other in recent interviews, the comments made by Paul George make it seem like there is no longer any hard feeling between to two superstars.