There a lot of big trades in the NBA today, such as Chris Paul's move to Houston Rockets and Paul George to Oklahoma City Thunder. However, fans are shocked as Kyrie Irving has reportedly asked to be traded. This might be the biggest deal in the offseason, as Irving is considered one of the best players in the league today. There are a lot of teams that are now offering the Cavaliers' Point Guard. However, Irving announced that the San Antonio Spurs is his preferred team.

Spurs should consider getting Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving will be a perfect fit to the San Antonio Spurs, as he is known to score and carry a team.

Irving will also be a huge help for Spurs Superstar Kawhi Leonard, as they can both dominate on offense and defense. It is believed that the Spurs can climb to the Finals if they managed to sign Irving. The Spurs will also have a higher chance to dominate most of the Superteams in the NBA today, especially the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors. Irving is also known for his great defense against Stephen Curry, while Kawhi Leonard is considered one of the best defenders in the league. It is also known that the Miami Heat offered Goran Dragic and Justise Winslow for Irving, which could be a good lineup if the Cavaliers is looking to assemble a young team in the future. However, with LeBron James still on the Cavaliers, they will consider trading Irving for another Superstar, as they plan to reach the NBA Finals once again.

How can the Spurs get Kyrie Irving

The San Antonio Spurs has a lot of elite players. However, they should consider trading some of them to get Kyrie Irving. It is expected that the Spurs will keep LaMarcus Aldridge as they don't have that much big mans that can score. It is believed that the Spurs' best offer could be Tony Parker, Danny Green and Dejounte Murray.

They can also give the Cavaliers the first round pick, which will allow the Cavaliers to assemble a young team in the future. The Spurs also seems to have no intention of trading Kawhi Leonard, which is their key player for the team. It is rumored that Cavaliers Superstar LeBron James will leave the team next season, which could be the reason why Irving is planning to be traded as early as possible.

However, Irving's preferred destination, the San Antonio Spurs, doesn't have that much to offer, as the team recently re-signed some of their elite players. Due to this, the Cavaliers and Spurs might wait until next year for better trade offers from both sides.