While phil jackson was still the Knicks' president, he expressed that he would entertain offers for Kristaps Porzingis. Meanwhile, Coach Jeff Hornacek sees Porzingis as the future of the franchise.

Coach Hornacek needs Kristaps to be a part of his group in the next NBA season. That is his assumption as a coach of the Knicks. He thinks that they will have all their guys back on the group prepared for the following season.

Kristaps' future with the Knicks

He said that the group needs all their guys back. It is opposite to Phil's recent statement on giving a couple of players to different teams.

Hornacek said that against Phil's choices, the group would not have trade Kristaps in any case. They adore Kristaps and what he accomplishes for the group. Hornacek conceives that Kristaps will be staying and don't see him going anywhere.

Kristaps was the fourth pick in the 2015 draft that averages 16.1 points, 1.9 blocks, and 7.3 rebounds per game in his first two years in NBA. In any case, Phil Jackson was not satisfied with Kristaps' performance in the last season not demonstrating his maximum capacity that resulted to a 31-51 season for the Knicks which positioned twelfth in the Eastern Conference.

Kristaps on driving the Knicks

Hornacek is sure that Kristaps will be the leader of the group.

Kristaps still is enhancing his skills this postseason, and the coach trusts in Kristaps' capability and will be more prepared when the following season begins. Even though the 7-3 Latvian did not make up the expectations of the group from him, there is still more opportunity to get better.

Hornacek describes the difference in the three years of Kristaps playing for the Knicks; the first year is extreme, it resembles you're attempting to get your feet when you get tossed out there to play, the second year is better, Kristaps is more agreeable and can step forward, and the third year, Kristaps developed more.

e has been in the league and knows how different players guard him and now can make his own shots.

Unlike Phil Jackson's, coach Hornacek believes that Porzingis will lead the group and will be the main option for them. He said that this would be the enormous stride that Porzingis should take and to have the capacity to withstand changes. Surely the coach trusts that Porzingis is prepared for that.

With the enhanced relationship with the players, the Knicks believe that there is more expectation with Porzingis and the squad.