During the past season, Knicks President of Basketball Operations phil jackson was very vocal about trying to move the team's most prized asset in Carmelo Anthony. This move is one that many Knicks fans are against and media heads are questioning. His recent interest is trading the Knicks most valued young asset Kristapis Porzingis just before the NBA Draft approaches this coming Thursday.

Stephen A. Smith discussed the issue on ESPN's First Take. He is seemingly fed up with the decisions Phil Jackson has considered in order to improve the franchise.

Smith believes Phil is, of course, a Hall of Fame coach, but lacks those same credentials as an NBA executive.

"This is a disaster in the making right here," Smith says. "I wouldn't be surprised at all if Phil's trying to get fired, if he get's fired he gets to walk out of the door and keep his money."

Future of the Knicks

The New York Knicks have been a losing team for the last few seasons. They have not been able to put the right pieces around Carmelo Anthony to be a legit contender in the Eastern Conference.

Last season's addition of former MVP Derrick Rose was over-hyped in the media and by Rose himself by calling them a "superteam." Many believed Rose would return back to his old ways given the talent of Anthony and the upside of Kristapis Porzingis.

However, Jackson did not add the necessary pieces to help out the three stars and their lack of depth is what ultimately lead to another season of missing out on the playoffs. Rather than realizing his own executive mistakes, Jackson went ahead and singled out the team's star player in Melo during the season, and from there, things went downhill.

For the Knicks, the only good news they have is the upcoming NBA Draft. The draft has many talents to offer this year that could help the Knicks fill in the pieces to help out veterans like Rose and Anthony. Maybe if Jackson can take a more relaxed approach and abuse less of his power, the future of the Knicks could look much brighter as a result of Thursday's draft.

Possible draft choices

An area where the Knicks lacked explosiveness was at the two-guard spot. If they decide to keep D Rose who has already expressed his interest in remaining with the team, pairing him with a younger Dennis Smith Jr. from N.C. State or Malik Monk from Kentucky, the team could have a backcourt with experience and speed to keep up with top teams in the league. It will also attract veteran players to come to a big market like New York, to enhance the value of their careers.

Kristapis Porzingis has reportedly attempted to get Phil Jackson fired this week after skipping out on his scheduled exit interview.

Do you think the Knicks should fire Phil Jackson?