James Harden got a four-year Contract Extension from Houston Rockets bringing his total salary to $228 million. He initially signed a two-year extension worth $160 million. It is the most expensive contract in NBA history. Harden will continue to play for the Houston Rockets until the 2022-2023 NBA Season. He will not enter the free agency until his contract is up.

Houston Rockets owner Les Alexander happy over extension

In a press release from the Houston Rockets, owner Les Alexander said he is glad they reached such agreement with Harden. He noted that since the player arrived in the NBA team, he “exhibited the incredible work ethic, desire to win, and passion for being the best.” He continued to describe Harden as one of the unique and talented superstars in the history of the league.

Alexander said that they believe having Harden for six more seasons will hone him into a leader. That leader will then lead Houston Rockets to a championship.

Harden releases statement on extension

According to Vibe, Harden also released a statement of his own. He called Houston Rockets his home. The NBA star also promised that he and his teammates would make sure they will work better to win the championship. The team already won two championships, one in 1994 and the other in 1995.

Harden one of the best players in the league

For two years, Harden has been one of the players competing for the MVP. The first time was on 2014-2015 NBA season and the second was the most recent. He ended up as the runner-up for both times he was voted for.

Harden averaged 29.1 points, 8.1 rebounds, and 11.2 assists per game. He also became the first player in NBA’s history to make 2,000 points, 900 assists, and 600 rebounds in just one season. Harden has the exceptional ability to score from anywhere on the court, making him an outstanding catch.

LeBron James also congratulated Harden on the contract extension via Twitter.

James added the hashtag "LuckyLefties" as they are both left-handed.

Houston Rockets wants to build a super team

With Harden being groomed to lead Rockets to a championship, he will need players alongside him to make it work. According to Houston Press, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony are those targets so that Rockets will have a super team. Paul is already with the Houston Rockets while Anthony is still with the New York Knicks. Inside sources claimed Anthony said he would waive his no-trade clause to play with Anthony and Harden.