The current season of professional tennis has Roger Federer as the leading violin. The Swiss already capped two Grand Slam titles under his belt while the prospect of another groundbreaking success at US Open is a valid one. Federer had to wait nearly five years to clinch another Major. Looking back, that number of 17 titles seemed a career ending milestone for so long.

All of the sudden, a round number is looming ahead as Federer will be a top favorite at US Open. A potential 20th Grand Slam success might be giving a proper sense of closure for this titan of modern sports.

At the recently ended Wimbledon Championships, Federer taught just another lesson of how perfection should look like winning his eighth London based grass court show without dropping a set.

Roger Federer deserves a full-glory retirement

Judging b the way he has been playing recently, it's fair to say that Federer could keep up showing his tennis skills at a professional level for a few more years. Still, he may consider stepping back while riding the wave. It wouldn't be the first time when a tennis great chooses this way of parting ways with his beloved activity. His childhood idol, Pete Sampras called an end to his professional career right after winning the US Open back in 2002.

For Federer, things went from bad to perfect in a matter of months.

Even before his knee surgery there debates about his possible retirement. At that time, he seemed a bit off, and no one thought he might be able to win another Major after losing several to Novak Djokovic in the previous years. Now, he is in a glorious position. The upcoming US Open may see Federer capping his sixth title at Flushing Meadows and a possible No.

1 spot by the end of the season. Whenever will happen, it would be so hard to watch Federer ending his professional career but to call an end while at his peak might add something to his legend.

Eventually, the fairytale would come to an end eventually

Roger Federer made the impossible looking tangible. With thousands of points earned this year, the upcoming season would him in a position to defend all of those great results of 2017.

Using a sense of reason, it's easy to anticipate that he won't be able to keep the bar that high for another year. Moreover, guys like Djokovic or Murray would return to their previous form and will make things even trickier.

The younger generation will have few more drops of experience and will definitely try to install its domination.If he wins this year's US Open, Roger Federer will reach the 20th milestone, a record that puts a comforting distance between him and his rivals. Moreover, he will be the only player in history with at least six titles at two different Grand Slams.