The current season will go down as the one that cemented Roger Federer's place in tennis history beyond any trace of doubt. The 35-year-old Swiss tennis legend is currently riding the wave especially after capturing his eighth Wimbledon and the second Grand Slam of this season. He had a glorious season that started with that surreal run at the Australian Open.

People should've learned by now that there is no random item in Federer's unique constructed universe. There is a perfect symbiosis consisting of longevity, work ethic, belief and a constant need to improve and to surpass existent boundaries.

For more than 15 years, it's been a constant race with himself. Now, as he's heading to an inevitable twilight of his career, those key things are still in place doing the task appointed.

A healthy body increases longevity

Like any other sports, tennis requires an entirely fit body in order to achieve a high yield. When the debate on this matter stirs in Federer's direction, it's easy to notice that despite playing more than a thousand matches throughout his career, he found the proper recipe to keep himself away from the injury scare. In this compartment, his biggest challenge occurred last year once he got that injury on his knee. Taking some hard decision which included a six months break was the winning card for Roger Federer who came back stronger and eager to remain relevant as a top player.

Individual sports like tennis consume high amounts of energy.And here comes another unique feature of Federer- his entire tennis output comes without a noisy burst in an era when most players are grunting and roaring especially in the long rallies. What Federer executes on a tennis court is a poetry of silence.

Federer has never stopped learning

Despite being gifted with tonnes of talent, the Swiss player was aware that his skills wouldn't be enough to achieve greatness. So, when the opportunity of learning something new presented itself, he had no second thoughts. Once he got older, the learning pattern adjusted pretty quickly. A few years ago, it was Stefan Edberg in the coaching box of Federer who didn't miss the chance to improve his game at the net.

Recently, with Ivan Ljubicic replacing Edgerg, Federer transformed his defensive backhand in a blistering weapon of destruction. That backhand was the key element of his success at the Australian Open.

As the season enters the US Open Series, some may wanna see what novelty Federer will display on the North American hardcourts. As the situation presents itself at the time being, Federer will be a solid favorite at Flushing Meadows.