Recently, it was reported by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski that Carmelo Anthony would waive his no trade clause for the Rockets and Cavaliers. Both teams would need a third party team to trade. Now that Boston has agreed to terms with Gordon Hayward, the Celtics need to shed some salary on their roster to make room to sign Hayward.

The Celtics will need to pull their offer for Kelly Olynyk and denounce their rights to Jered Jerebko, James Young, and Gerald Green. They will also need to waive or trade Demetrius Jackson and Jordan Mickey, as well as Jae Crowder, Terry Rozier, or Marcus Smart.

The Celtics could be that third team to make a trade happen. However, it seems unlikely that the Celtics would try and help their rival in the eastern conference. This makes the Rockets a prime destination for Anthony.

What could Celtics offer?

As of now, the Knicks do not want to take on the contract of Ryan Anderson. The 29-year-old is owed a lot of money for two years. To get the Knicks to take on Anderson, Boston would need to sweeten the pot by offering someone like Smart. Smart is making the most money out of the three names at the top. He is making around $3 million. If the team dealt Rozier or Crowder, they would be one million short which makes Smart more expendable.

Derrick Rose has not committed to playing for the Knicks yet.

Smart is 23 years old and fits the mold of what the Knicks want. They want young players moving forward if they trade Anthony.

The Celtics could send Smart and a draft pick to the Knicks. This would hopefully convince the Knicks to take on Anderson from the Rockets. The Rockets would have to put forth a future first round pick as well.

Anthony would go to the Rockets. The Celtics could take Marshall Plumlee. Plumlee is set to make about $1.5 million which is half of Smart's contract. This would allow every team to get what they want.

Anthony's best shot is with Cleveland

Anthony is rumored to say he prefers to play in Cleveland via trade or if the team secured a buyout.

He likes the presence of Lebron James. Plus, the east is the obvious easier way to get to the finals. Jimmy Butler and Paul George have left the eastern conference for the western conference via trades. Paul Millsap has left via sign-and-trade.

Anthony is turning 34 this next season. He doesn't have a lot of years left in the tank. He has squandered the last four years of his career by missing the playoffs. If he can't secure a buyout, he should hope that Cleveland finds a third team. However, that third team will surely not be Boston.