The entire situation with Alberto Del Rio (or Alberto El Patron as he is known in Impact Wrestling) and Paige is a mess right now. The two reportedly got into an argument at an airport and that resulted in Paige throwing a drink on Alberto. While Paige denied that anything like that happened, a person at the airport released a recorded audiotape of the argument and Paige had to come back and admit that the fight happened but she took responsibility. Despite that, Global Force Wrestling and Impact Wrestling booker Jeff Jarrett announced that the company has suspended Alberto, who is their world champion.

Will Alberto El Patron remain the champion?

The biggest question is whether or not GFW Impact Wrestling will keep Alberto El Patron as their world champion or if they will fire him completely. The problem is that there were arguments on both sides of the fence. For one thing, there are some on the Anthem Sports side who want to fire Alberto. There are others, considered old-school wrestlers, who want to keep him onboard. There is talk that many old-school wrestlers are used to just turning their heads when things like this happen.

The biggest problem is that this remains a he-said, she-said situation. There have been no comments made by Alberto Del Rio but Paige has taken full responsibility for the argument.

No charges were filed in the situation. To further complicate things, Both Alberto and Paige remain together and have indicated that it was no big deal and was blown out of proportion. With Paige taking the blame and there being no evidence other than the audio tape and random witnesses, one has to wonder if there is enough evidence to make a drastic move of firing Alberto.

The real concern for Paige

With that said, there is a real concern when it comes to the well-being of Paige. Her brothers have come out and publicly stated that Alberto Del Rio has been abusing Paige for months and is a control freak. One claims to have photographs that prove he has been beating her for at least six months. They also claimed that Alberto is trying to do what he can to get the WWE to fire her and release her from her contract because he doesn’t want her to return.

With those concerns, one wonders if GFW Impact Wrestling should hold onto Alberto when it comes to the possible liability that a domestic situation like this could bring to the company. There are some of the old-school wrestlers who think that it will work itself out and that, if the WWE fires Paige, they could bring her in as a major star as well. At the end of the day, it all comes down to who has the most persuasive argument concerning the future of Alberto Del Rio.