When Cody Rhodes left the WWE, he had a strong plan in place. After years of working on any angles the WWE threw his way but never really stepping up into the main event role, Cody wanted to set out and prove himself in the indies. It worked wonders for Drew McIntyre, who was able to reinvent himself. It didn’t work out as well for guys like Damien Sandow, who ended up out of the wrestling business completely. However, Rhodes has done whatever he has wanted since leaving the WWE and is more successful than ever before.

That makes it seem like a no-brainer when Cody Rhodes says that he won’t go back to the WWE anytime soon.

The quote came in an interview with WZ and Cody emphasized that he is very happy where he is right now and isn’t in a hurry to rejoin any particular wrestling organization as a full-time talent.

“Never say never”

In the interview, Cody Rhodes did leave the idea of a WWE return open by saying “never say never.” Rhodes is the current Ring Of Honor world champion after winning the title from Christopher Daniels. The interview was set up as a question and answer session and the first WWE question listed was whether he would consider bringing the Ring of Honor world title to the WWE. That will never happen but Rhodes played along and said he can take it anywhere he wants to since he is not under an exclusive contract with Ring of Honor.

Of course, that is a fun answer but legally won’t happen since the title is exclusive to Ring of Honor and Cody Rhodes can’t take it on other shows without their permission. However, Cody was a little more honest when asked about a return to the WWE. Rhodes said to “never say never” but that he won’t do it anytime soon. He said that he is having a lot of success right now on the indies, selling out shows everywhere, and there is no reason to end that anytime soon.

Cody Rhodes did mention that he speaks to someone from the WWE every week. However, the talks are not about a WWE return and are instead talks about the estate of his late father, The American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Cody said that he is very happy because the WWE has done a great job at preserving the legacy of his dad. Cody said that there are lots of discussions about Dusty’s legacy.

Cody Rhodes current plans

At the moment, it sounds like Cody Rhodes is having a lot of fun on the independent wrestling scene. Cody made a list when he left the WWE of wrestlers that he wanted to face. He has marked almost all the names off that list and has wrestled all over the world. He has competed in Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Evolve Wrestling, and New Japan Professional Wrestling, as well as smaller indies all over the world. He is the current Ring of Honor world champion and recently fought for the IWGP title in Japan.

Cody Rhodes is also a part of the Bullet Club, one of the most famous factions outside of the WWE. Currently, Rhodes is in an angle with fellow Bullet Club member Kenny Omega and is splitting his time by wrestling anywhere he wants.